A Bangladeshi Hindu wedding

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Marriage has a special and sacred place among the Bangladeshi Hindus. They are elaborate and take several days. The parents still have an important role in selecting a partner for their children.

Once it is decided, a pre-engagement ceremony called 'adan pradan' is conducted before a priest. It is done to check for the ancestral families of the couple to confirm that they are not of the same lineage.


Once it is cleared, an engagement ceremony will take place. The elders will bless the couple and give them gifts.


Like their Indian counterparts, many pre-wedding ceremonies like mehandi, haldi and sangeet are also conducted by the Bangladeshi Hindus.

Other than that they also follow a ritual called 'vridhi' where the couple will take part in a puja for their ancestors. It is conducted a day before the actual wedding.

'Dodhi mangal' ceremony is conducted on the early morning of the wedding. The elderly married members will take the bride and the groom separately to a pond to invite Goddess Ganga to the wedding. They also bring back some water from the pond to bathe in.


The groom’s family would also send a 'Gae halud tatta' (gifts) to the bride's family. It may include fruits, dry fruits and a variety of sweets, a fish (sometimes decorated as a bride) and other things like clothes, accessories etc... Likewise, the bride's family also gives 'adhibas tatta' (gifts) to the groom's family.

Both the families conduct a 'Kubi patta' ceremony to honour Sant Kuber in their families.

As the weddings are usually conducted in the evenings, a snaan (bathing ritual) is also conducted later in the day. During the ceremony turmeric and oil are applied on the couple's body. After that, they are made to wear their wedding attires.


When the groom's family arrives at the venue the bride's family would welcome them by ringing bells, conch shells and ululation. After the groom sits in the mandap the girl is brought out and they exchange garlands. Once it concludes a ritual called 'basar ghar' is conducted to welcome the married couple into the bride's house. It will be followed by a grand feast and celebrations.


Next morning the groom would apply vermilion on the forehead of the bride in a ritual called 'bashi biye'.


Next is the 'vidaai', where the couple leaves for the groom's house. At the guy's house, they are welcomed and it the ceremony is called 'bou baran'. The bride will be asked to dip her feet in a plate of lac dye and milk mixture and enter the house.

Usually, a reception will be held at the groom's place in the evening.

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