A beautiful beach wedding in the Bahamas

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The Bahamas is an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean which is famous for its crystal clear water and sandy beaches. Its culture is mainly evolved from its African, American, Spanish and British inhabitants.


Wedding ceremonies of the Bahamas are based upon the religious inclination of the couple. Even then there are certain traditions which make them unique.


As the country is predominantly Christian, most couples have a church wedding. Even though the country has mixed ethnicity, interracial marriages are still viewed with contempt.


In a native wedding, both the groom and the bride are supposed to share the financial burden of the marriage equally.


As it is a tropical group of islands, people usually prefer an evening beach wedding. Couple traditionally enters the wedding venue on a horse carriage. After the wedding, a large variety of food and cocktail is provided to the guests. The weddings always have live music and dancing.


A Junkanoo Rush-Out, a carnival, is usually held during the reception, in which musicians play loud music and parade through the venue wearing intricate costumes, masks, upbeat music from cowbells whistles and drums.


It is a celebration of life with foot-tapping music from cowbells and drums in a reverence for the ancestors. Colourful costumes is a must for Junkanoo. The guests will also be an important part of this celebration.

Instead of this traditional custom, the present generation of brides and grooms prefer live music or DJ music. A Loud party is a must and the couple and guests will dance through the night.


The wedding feast at a traditional Bahamas wedding is an amalgamation of traditional cuisines that includes seafood dishes such as rock lobster, deep fried conch. The Bahamas wedding cake usually has coconut in it.



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