Arabian Nights Theme Wedding

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The Splendor of a Thousand Nights

Among the numerous wedding themes, the Arabian Night theme is a special one, especially for Muslim weddings due to its extravagance, splendour, and epicurean elegance. An Arabian Nights themed wedding will bring a lot of romance and magic throughout the function.


Arabian Nights wedding theme is an excellent choice for couples who love bright colours and excitements. The very term ‘Arabian’ brings to mind the scent of incense, the rich colours of fabrics and a special culture.


The very ambience of an Arabian Night theme is created with bright décor, side tables with hookahs and flavoured tobacco, horses, middle-eastern music, and entertainments like belly dance. If more elaborate, spice it up with camels, pirates and gaily-coloured tents in an outdoor party.  Let your guests leisure on mattresses as they are treated by nubile maidens in harem pants.


The Middle-Eastern sweet and spicy treats would make the wedding celebration wholesome. An Arabian Nights themed wedding on a whole adds fun and a festive flare to the entire event with its fairy tale charm and a sense of adventure.


All you need to do is just snap your fingers and your wedding planner will make this magical experience a reality.




Décor Gorgeous

The entire settings of an Arabian Night theme will be in a way that your guests will be welcomed with a taste of Mediterranean culture.  A palace snapshot can be created in a bright setting with minarets, towers, bright silk draperies, flowers and a bejeweled throne for the couples. You can add more allure to the events by organizing an outdoor function by putting up temporary structures like marquees and Bedouin tent.


If it is an interior event, a feel of the interiors of grand Mediterranean palaces can be revived with beautiful carpet adorning the entrance and with beautiful frescoes in vibrant colours.


Arabian Night décor is usually made with colour scheme consists of bright tones of red, orange,  pink, green, violet, electric blue, gold, and bronze. Fabrics of various textures and prints are mixed together to bring forth a rich multilayered layered effect.


For an authentic experience, hang different coloured fabrics across to create an effect of an Arabian tent. Huge pillows on divans and clusters of small white votive candles, magic lamps or lanterns as centrepieces also add to the experience. Burning off some Mediterranean incense will complete the magical effect.


Floral decorations can be made with Arabian flowers like desert hyacinth, black-eyed geraniums, asphodelus, rosa abyssinica, Arabian jasmine, etc. Place candlelight on tables to add a romantic ambiance.


Opportunities are endless for decor for this theme as innovations can be made by adding palm trees, Sultans, sheiks, desert oasis etc. Arabian Night themes can be best arranged in old Mughal palaces, forts or at heritage hotels. But an outdoor event can fetch in unlimited ideas.


Entertainment Extravaganzas

There is a host of entertainment extravaganzas to fit Arabian Nights theme.  From the Eastern entertainment like belly dancing, exotic instrument plays, mehndi party, traditional Muslim songs and dance forms, kawali singers, Bollywood numbers like Mughal e Azam etc can enthrall the guests while Mehendi designers, magicians, snake charmers adds fun. 


Guests can watch a belly dancer move as they soak in the magical atmosphere with a Hookah and flavored tobacco or dish out succulent barbeque from the live grill.




Epicurean Elegance

The authentic Middle Eastern catering service includes the best of Moroccan, Lebanese, and Turkish delights. If you prefer to be Indian, plan a menu with traditional Mughal or Moplah delicacies.


Invitations and Favours

Send out a beautiful Arabian Nights theme printed invitations to your guests to leave an impression of the event. Consider a small “flying carpet” made of cotton or nylon, edged with little tassels on the ends. Guests unroll it and read a short, mystical message. Ink replicas can be used on wedding invitations to enhance the effect. Or simply leave it for a pleasant surprise.


There is no better way to show your guests how important they are to you by a careful selection of wedding favors matching to the theme. Arabian Nights themed wedding favors are easily available and inexpensive. They will add a unique style to your wedding.

Dress Code

The wedding party could complete the theme with traditional Arabian attires. The bride may wear a traditional Jalabiya or a Middle-Eastern queen’s costume and her attendants in harems and tops. The groom could clad in a sultan's costume, and his attendants could don traditional kaftans.


Altogether, an air of magic and mystery can be created throughout the event with this wedding theme. If planned in a grand way, it is, of course, one of the most expensive wedding themes.

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