Arrange a vintage theme wedding

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The vintage-style wedding is one of the most popular themes these days. From jewellery to decor you can easily add vintage elements to your wedding. But before zero in the theme, you should consider whether the ideas and items you want to make part of your theme are actually available in the market. You may also need to do some DIY to get things to match the theme.


You also have to decide whether you want to replicate the old world charm in whole or to include certain elements or customs and traditions from the bygone era.



One thing which is easier to get right is the wedding dress. You can ask a dressmaker you have the confidence to design something the people from the decade you are following used to wear. Do some research and find out the colours, patterns and the designs to match the vintage theme correct.


Another thing to carefully select is the accessories. Wear jewellery and other accessories according to the era you want to replicate.


Not just your outfits also try to get your friends and immediate family to wear something to compliment yours, so that the theme can be balanced.



Another important factor is the venue. Try to find a venue which will go with your theme. It will act as the backbone of your theme. If you can't find a wedding hall that goes well with the vintage theme, then why not create one. For that, you need to find the perfect location and do some research and erect a pole marquee. Next is selecting the decor. Find decorations items that will creative the perfect ambience. This field also needs elaborate research and planning. You need to plan carefully to get all the elements, even the furniture, right.


Find out whether how the invitations were sent during olden times. If you are printing the invitations then fund the appropriate designs, fonts and even the language used by the old generation. IF you want perfection you can write in the card that you want the guests to follow the vintage dress code. But don't insist them to wear it. Ask them if it would be possible for them to wear vintage clothes.



Discuss the theme with your photographer and videographer and also your caterers. So that they themselves could do some research and act accordingly.


Also include wedding customs, rituals and traditions of the old generation. But skip it if you think they are bit odd or if they do not match to the sensibilities of the present generation.


To get all these in perfection you will need to plan months ahead of the wedding. 

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