Butterfly Theme Wedding

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Butterfly Theme Wedding

There is no dearth of flowery ideas for making your D-day the most memorable. But if you are looking out for something simple yet elegant and different, think of a butterfly theme. It is an ideal spring/summer theme too.


Butterflies symbolise serenity, peace, and a new beginning. The transformation of a butterfly from its cocoon stands for a new life in a new world. So a butterfly themed wedding would be an elegant and unique way to memorize your new beginning together. It keeps your party garden fresh, flowery, light as well as colourful. It is warm and incorporates a pretty palette of colours.


Butterfly weddings are more of a Western concept so more preferred by Christian couples. In Indian context too it can be tried out with subtle touches. It is getting popular nowadays whether it is indoor or outdoor, formal or traditional. It is more of a feminine theme and also perfect for spring or summer.




How to go ahead?

Small things make big differences. This saying is exact about butterfly theme weddings. Few tweaks, elegant décor, the magic of flowers, wedding favors decked out in butterflies, you could have the butterfly wedding of your dreams.


It is comparatively easy to incorporate a butterfly theme as it is one of the least expensive options for decorations and embellishments. Regardless if you look out for a full blown butterfly theme wedding or just wanted to simply accent your existing theme with butterflies, there are many options available.


Butterfly Invitations

It can be a butterfly shaped card or a usual invitation with butterflies on it. Talk to your card designer on how to pep it up with butterflies, like embossing small butterflies on a traditional white card, butterflies watermarked or with an overlay of butterfly-printed vellum paper.


Butterfly-Theme- Wedding


Butterfly Decor

The butterfly theme can be best worked on your venue decorations. Bedeck the settings with as many flowers and add colorful butterflies over them. Small pots bursting with colourful flowers and accents made with butterfly will also look great. Though a bit more expensive idea, pillar candles with glittering decorations would create an awesome effect. A simple venue decoration with ribbons and colorful butterfly designs is another choice.


If you have decided to go with a butterfly theme, choose appropriate pastel combos. Drape the entire venue in light coloured tulle of soft fabric that compliments the pastel color of the bride’s dress. You may buy large butterflies made from wire and netting, or make your own with fabric.


A simple white butterfly theme is also very popular. Make the choice as it best matches your personality.


Decorate the tables with butterfly confetti, hovering candles with butterfly designs, or butterfly name card holders. Butterfly stems or clips would add a unique dash to the center floral arrangements. And above all, make a beautiful ambience with butterfly fairy lights on the walls.


On the stage, a large butterfly cake can be rolled out. Place bottles of champagne next to the cake topped with butterfly bottle stoppers. If it is an open air event, let Mother Nature be your inspiration when choosing your wedding theme.   Butterfly theme is perfect for a garden wedding.


But remember; do not overwhelm the décor with butterflies. Do make it simple and elegant. It will definitely make for a very talked about touch to your wedding.




Dress up to the theme

It’s not that you should have butterflies all over your attires, but dresses with frilly edges, laces, and some elegant details can fit into this feminine theme well.


If you prefer simple elegance, embroidered butterflies around the hem, waistline, or neckline - in gold, silver, white, or pastel coloured threads would be fine. Choice of pastel shades like light blue, periwinkle, or pale pink is ideal for this theme. If you would like to have it a bit splashy, bright colours can be tried. You can also choose certain kind of butterflies and then choose colors based on that. Accent colours on bridal gowns too are trendy now a day. You may match your accessories with butterfly items like tiaras with rhinestone butterflies, butterfly inspired jewelry like earrings or dangles with butterflies, butterfly pendants etc. 


Men can try butterfly shaped cufflinks or cravat/tie pin. If it is a formal event, the attires can be traditional tuxes, but with a small butterfly pinned into the boutonniere.


Brides can have as many butterflies on their bouquet- feather, fabric, paper or beaded crystal butterflies depending on the wedding style. The bridesmaids, groomsmen, and flower girls too can be matched with that of the couple.


Butterfly Favours

There are so many butterfly favours from which you can make the choice. You can have beautiful butterfly favour box, chocolates in a pure white organza bag and with a personalised butterfly tag over it. Butterfly key chains, candles, butterfly shaped cookies, candies, chocolates also will do good. Think about some eco-friendly favours like a pack of flower seeds which are known for attracting butterflies.

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