Couple gets married in 'Star Wars' themed wedding

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There are many 'Star Wars' fans around the globe. But how far will you go to make it part of your life? Here a Californian couple had made the movie a part of their dream wedding by making the movie itself the theme for their wedding.


The two high school sweethearts have been die-hard Star Wars fans for a very long time. So they didn't have to think twice when the decided to say I do in style.


It was not just them who were wearing Star Wars costumes at the wedding, the bridesmaids were wearing attires inspired from Jedi and the groomsmen were wearing outfits similar to Sith Lords from the movie.



They also cut a wedding cake that was inspired by the Death Star.


The Star Wars influence didn't end there, they also battled with their wedding party with a lightsaber.

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