Croatia’s funny, unique wedding traditions

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The European country Croatia has got its own unique wedding traditions. Obiljezje is one such unique tradition.

Before the expensive diamond rings became the way to propose your love of life, the Croatian men used to propose the girl they loved with an obiljezje. Don't get confused with the name. It means mark and is just an ordinary apple with a coin pressed to it. And if the girl accepts the obiljezje, it means that she is marked by a particular man. 

Another curious custom is the buying of the bride. It is an interesting event before the wedding where the groom would hire musicians and will be accompanied by his friends and family. They would stand before the bride's house and at the top of his voice would express his desire to marry the girl.

Finally a male member of the girl's family will come out and start bargaining with the groom. The family would first refuse to sell the girl rejecting the groom's offers. After a while they will agree to sell her for free if the groom promises to love her forever. The fun factor doesn't end here the girl's family would offer a fake bride to the groom. It will be usually an old woman with her face covered in a veil.

Once the groom identifies the real girl, he will have to prove his worth in a funny way, sometimes doing push-ups to prove his physical strength.

After that the families will go to the church together.

As most of the Croatians are Catholics the wedding will have all the traditions of a church wedding. A man with a Croatian flag will walk in front of the wedding procession.

There is another funny custom in a Croatian wedding where the bride and groom will try to step on each other’s legs. If the groom succeeds to do so before the bride it means it will be him who will call the shots in their married life. If the bride does it first then she will be the one running the show.

In some areas instead of this the both the groom and the bride will run towards the entrance of the church and the person who reach there first will be the boss at home.

After the ceremony a grand reception will be held at a marriage hall or a hotel. Music and dance are an inevitable part of the Croatian weddings.

Croatians also have a male equivalent of throwing the bridal bouquet. Here the groom will throw the bride's garter and the man who catches it will be the one to get married next.

Croatian men will have to put money in a basket held by the maid of honour. It is done to get the honour of dancing with the bride. Larger the contribution, the longer the dance with the bride will be.

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