Elegant & Romantic Victorian Theme Weddings

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A Victorian wedding is a classy and graceful affair that calls for a dainty romance. A bit more refined than the western weddings, the Victorian tradition owes its origin to Queen Victoria who had said to be set the trend for white gowns and floral arrangements. It is a fact that royal weddings are hard to recreate, but still you can plan an elegant affair.


Set the Stage

A landscaped garden with lawns or rose gardens is a popular choice for a Victorian wedding. So a good resort or a chapel will be an ideal background. Victorians are fond of statues, fountains and lots of roses. Tables with layers of fabrics can be set at an open air creating a charming and casual setting.


If you are planning an interior event, opulent interiors or beaux-art mansions will be a perfect atmosphere for a refined affair. Ballrooms are also great, but make sure that they are mixed in Victorian color palettes- pink, green, blues, gold, burgundy and copper.


Elegant -Romantic-Victorian-Weddings


Strolling violins and harps singing selections from Beethoven, Chopin, and Tchaikovsky in between dinner courses, dances like the waltz and reels will completely set the mood. Horse-driven carriages are another must haves for creating the impression of the aristocracy. 


Paint a dreamy romantic canvas with your decor. Make sure that the venue is brimming with lots of flowers, antique laces, pearls, crystals, vases, and chandeliers. Tables can be adorned in flared or floor length clothes with laces and topped with fringed coasters or silk doilies.


Elegant -Romantic-Victorian-Weddings


Candles and small lamps are essential additional lighting especially to add a soft touch. Other romantic touches include black-and-white portraits in vintage-style frames and large floral centerpieces. Antique furnishings, Persian carpets, flowers, lanterns, ribbons and varying tapestry are must haves.


Flowers and bouquets are an important part of Victorian weddings. Rose is the standard Victorian flower but pansies, orchids, lilies, hyacinths, daisies and tulips are equally romantic. Each flower has a special significance for the Victorians so choose your floral arrangements accordingly. Daisies stand for innocence, orchids for true love, mums for wealth and abundance.


Orange blossoms are a must have in Victorian bridal bouquets as orange for them stands for purity, chastity, and children. Stay away from figs as they represent idleness and lavender for distrust.



Victorian brides usually wear lavish costumes with several layers of ruffles, laces, bows and accessories. An all lace costume with high-neck lace collar, long sleeves, and lace cuffs will also do well. The hour-glass shape will be the best female fit and white is the traditional color for wedding gowns. Cameos, white gloves (wrist-length or elbow-length), embroidered handkerchiefs and flat or brocade one-inch heel shoes will compliment the appearance. Muted, antique colours like silver, blush pink, apricot, lavender and antique creams will make the diamond, crystal and pearl accessories including tiara pop without looking overwhelming. Flower girls too can be arranged in matching shades.


A Victorian gentleman's formal attire consists of cutaway coats or frock coats, black tuxedos, waistcoats, cravats or ascot ties and trousers. Top hats can also be worn upon choice.


The Invitation

As invitations are the stage setters, be sure they fit the theme. Invitations can be designed on smooth white or ivory paper, scripted with ornate Victorian fonts.  Some decorative touches with vintage stamps, floral patterns, ribbons, bows, or even doves will complete the feel.


Epicurean Delights

Cakes are an integral part of Victorian weddings. Regarding the choice of flavor and décor, the sky is the limit. A multi-tiered masterpiece with scrolls, flowers, pearls, laces or intricate piping works will perfectly blend with the theme.


Elegant -Romantic-Victorian-Weddings


A Victorian fare can be stretched up to a 10-course fancy feast.  A variety of sandwiches dominates the starter while the main course can be a sumptuous treat, including choices from mutton, pork, beef, rabbit, turkey, and duck. Deserts can be dominated with plum puddings, apple tarts, and mince pies. Garnish the dishes with rose petals and serve on fine floral china placed on white lace doilies.


Drinks should include a good number of English teas. White wines and bubbling champagnes are must haves. You can even include small bite-sized treats like chocolate-covered strawberries, cookies, tarts or chocolate tortes with the tea.


There are several other fine details for making a dream Victorian wedding. A good wedding planner will take care of it. But before you plan your D-day, don’t forget to take ballroom dance lessons with your sweetheart to perform a waltz for your debut dance. Also, keep in mind that a Victorian wedding can create holes in your pockets too. So plan well to make it beautiful still cost effective!

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