Fish, fowl and tribal weddings

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Can you guess the relationship between fish, poultry and weddings? Well your guess may most likely be related to the wedding feast, right?


Well, there are some other connections between fish, poultry and weddings. The North Eastern part of India has a prominent tribal population and their customs vary from the rest of the country.


Some of these tribal populations also follow a couple of peculiar wedding traditions that include fish and poultry.


In South Indian weddings coconut has an indispensable role, as it is considered as auspicious. Likewise, some of these NE tribal groups consider fish as auspicious.


The tribal grooms from Assam must gift fish along with other items to the bride before marriage. They also have to arrange a feast to honour the bride and the main ingredient of this feast should be fish.


Meanwhile, if you are a bridegroom from Dimacha you yourself will have to carry the fish to the bride’s home.


As part of the wedding custom, Manipuri couples release two fishes into the pond. The future of the couple's relationship is also predicted based on the movement of the released fishes.


The priests from the Khasi tribe would invoke the Gods and the ancestors during the wedding through a ritual wherein the priest would pour wine on fish pieces. Dry fish is also used by the Karbis to please their ancestors as part of the wedding ritual.




Mishings, another tribal group from the North East, consider fish as a binding force in a relationship and use it during the engagement. They also distribute fish among them as part of the ritual.


Groom belonging to the Naga tribes will gift the girl's parents fish as the symbol of engagement.



Like the fish, poultry is also a big part of the tribal weddings. Nagaland's Aos tribe has got a strange custom. If a man of the tribe wishes to marry any particular girl of the tribe then the man must get the approval of the girl through her father.


If the girl is willing then the man's father will have to strangle a fowl and others will monitor the process and the wedding is fixed based on the way the fowl crosses its legs. If the signs are inauspicious then the talk of marriage is left right there.



If the bridegroom belongs to the Lotha tribe he himself will have to kill fowls during the wedding and prepare a curry.


Some of the Assamese tribes also use eggs as part of their wedding customs.

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