Funny wedding traditions in India

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Indian weddings are colourful affairs. Like the diversity of the country, the wedding traditions differ from region to region. The age old customs of Indian weddings are also unparalleled. Though some of them may sound bizarre they are the unique part of our culture and heritage.


Celebratory firing is one such custom which has been banned by the government. But we are not here to discuss such horrible and banned customs. Here we have brought some funny marriage rituals from our own country.



Sarsaul is a small town in the Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Here when the groom and his wedding party arrive at the venue instead of flower petals they are welcomed by throwing tomatoes and potatoes at them by the bride's party.


The bride's team also uses cuss words to welcome the groom's side. Though this custom is indeed strange, it is done based on the belief that any relationship which starts on a bad note will cement the union in the future.


If you are a Gujarati groom then get ready to be pulled on the nose by your mother-in-law. After doing the aarti of the groom the bride's mother will pull his nose playfully. It is done to remind the groom that he has come to them to ask for the girl's hand and he needs to be humble while doing it.



The Sindhis also have a special pre-wedding ceremony called ‘saanth’. Priests would visit the bride and groom at their respective homes and will tie an anklet on their feet. Later a group of seven women will pour oil on the bride and groom's head. After that, they will wear new shoes on their right foot and will break an earthen lamp each with the shoe. The ceremony is concluded by tearing off the groom's clothes by his relatives.


At a Tamil Brahmin wedding, the groom at the last minute will have a change of heart and tries to leave the venue as he wishes to embrace the ascetic life. It is the girl's father's job to bring him back by making him realize the perks of marriage and promises him that the bride will support and stay with him in all the troubles of life.



In Maharashtra the brother of the bride will twist the groom's ear between the wedding rituals. It is symbolic warning that the groom needs to take care of his wife or else.... Brother's concern isn't it?


Don't think only grooms are at the receiving end. In Bihar soon after the wedding, the groom's mother would place earthen pots on the bride's head. The bride needs to touch the elder's feet without dropping this pot pyramid. Her pot balancing capability will represent her capability to manage her new household.


Well here comes a totally strange and bizarre tradition: in some Bengali weddings the bride’s mother is not allowed to see her daughter’s wedding. The belief behind this strange custom is more horrible – the mother witnessing her own blood and flesh’s wedding will bring bad luck to the couple! Utter nonsense.


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