Jain Wedding Rituals

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In a Jain wedding, the squandering of large amounts of money or time on the wedding itself is not acceptable. Usually, a Jain Pandit conducts the ceremony. Even then, in some cases, Brahmins are also allowed to do the honours. The traditions of Jain marriage traditions vary. But they usually include the use of fire.




Pre-wedding rituals

Rituals like Vagdana or Pradana Vagdana refers to the informal agreement between the parents of the prospective bride and groom regarding their marriage that is followed by the ritual of Pradana where the bride is gifted ornaments.


The Laghana Lekhan ritual involves a puja held at the girl's house during which the auspicious time of the marriage is determined.




Sagai and Lagna PatrikaVachan refer to the engagement ceremony where the groom performs the Vinayakyantra puja. And he is gifted with a gold chain, a ring, clothes, coconut, sweets, and money.


Matruka Sthapan/ Kulkar Sthapan are prayer sessions held in the bride/ groom's homes respectively to seek the blessings of the heavenly bodies to ensure the happiness and the fertility of the couple.




Mandapa-Vedi Pratishtha refers to the construction of the mandap at the bride's home from where it is transported to the marriage venue.


Wedding day

Before the baraat (groom’s arrival) procession begins, all the ladies of the house, including the groom's mother apply tilak to his forehead after giving him a headgear. This ceremony is called Ghudhchadi.




Vara Ghoda is another ritual which refers to the groom sitting on the horse and leading the baarat procession.

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