Fairy tale wedding at Disney World’s Magical Kingdom

Do you love the magical castle in Disney's Cinderella? Now imagine arriving at your wedding in a horse-drawn carriage and saying 'I do' in front of Cinderella's castle located in a beautiful landscape. A colourful dream isn't it?


Now this dream of yours could come true as the Disney World in Florida, US, has decided to let the couples conduct their wedding inside the Magical Kingdom at the Disney world's East Plaza garden.



The fantasy land Disney World was opened in 1971 by Walt and Roy Disney and is currently owned by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.


It is one of the most popular and most visited theme parks in the world. With striking views, beautiful gardens and castles it is the perfect destination to have the fairy tale wedding of your dreams.


If you are lucky you can even have Disney princesses, including Cinderella, Snow White, or Elsa and Anna, as your wedding guest.



Earlier also Disney World provided marriage services, but the wedding venue was limited to the train station and that too only available on morning hours before the park opened to the public. The amusement park offers a lot of entertainments and rides to keep your wedding guests amused. But on second thoughts, that won’t be necessary as the awe-inspiring wedding venue itself is enough to keep the guests busy.



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