Tips to decorate your outdoor wedding venue

Some of us don't like being in confined environments. Organising a wedding in a marriage hall has its own perks and disadvantages. 


If your vote goes to outdoor weddings, then the next thing which should come to your mind is how to get the venue decorated. This is also your best chance to hone that hidden creative talent in you.




If you are the bride/groom you may not get much time to plan and organise the perfect ambience for the wedding. So it is better to give the responsibility to one of your friends or a close family member. But you can obviously make suggestions.


If you are looking for ideas to decorate the outdoor venue then we offer you some tips.




It is better to set a tent at the venue as the weather can be unpredictable sometimes and who wants to get married under the scorching sun if it is a daytime function. So it is better to cover the venue. Besides, who want bird poop in their food!


You can use flowers to get the ‘mandap’ decorated. Arrange flowers in and around your venue in an eye-catching way. Arrange it in new and innovative designs. If you think flowers will strangle your budget you can opt for artificial ones. But stay away from plastic. Do some research and you will find small entrepreneurs near you who specialises in creating paper flowers from recycled newspapers.




You can even hang it from the ceiling of the tent. Suspend fresh flowers or as we discussed earlier paper substitutes aesthetically. If you have the means then use flower curtains to decorate the venue. If you can't afford it use colourful ribbons or pompoms instead of flowers.


Drape the ceiling with fabric. Stick to a particular colour, otherwise, it will become an eyesore. White or light yellow are the most soothing colours. Use your brains to find a creative at the same time refreshing way to drape the fabric.




If you are having an evening function then you can ditch the tent. You can hang the flowers, small fancy birdcages, fabric and fairy lights from the trees that are already in your venue.


You can arrange fairy lights in a way that they will resemble a canopy. You can also create a path to the venue with countless strings of fairy lights. Use balloons or paper lanterns to create a magical ambience.


Hang metal lanterns with scented candles all over your venue, it will give an enchanting look to the whole area.


Also, use wooden screens which are covered with flowers and if possible use them as a base to arrange oil lamps.




As we have discussed in one of our earlier posts, use candles to your advantage. Arrange them to decorate the venue.  Umbrellas or parasols and small traditional bells can also be used as decorative items.  Place antique chairs on the ‘mandap’ for the bride and groom.


Also, don’t forget to ask your florist to create beautiful centrepieces that will take everybody's breath away.


Tips-to-decorate your-outdoor-wedding-venue


Hope you now have lots of options to select from. One thing you should remember is that you need to start planning and arranging and collecting the materials months ahead of the big day.

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