Angola weddings based on tribal traditions

Angola has a large number of tribes and the country's culture is influenced by these tribes' cultures. Wedding rituals also vary from tribe to tribe, so there is not just one set of wedding traditions for the people to follow, but a mix of many.

Though polygamy is legally banned in Angola, it is widely followed among many tribes.




In some of the Angolan tribes, if a man wants to marry a girl he will have to work for a couple of days in her father's and his friends' farms. Not just working in the fields he will have to help his future mother-in-law in household chores and also bring gifts for the girl's family.


But in modern days if the prospective groom has a job from where he couldn't get leave, he will bring household items and clothes for the girl's family instead of working in the fields and the girl's house.


Once the bride's family approves of the man, an older woman from the guy's family would start training the girl on how to be a good wife.


There will be a wedding consultant who will not just act as a matchmaker but also will have a larger role in the wedding ceremonies.

On the wedding day, the wedding consultant is supposed to give the bride a piggy back ride to the groom's house. Though the tradition says to carry the bride, most consultants make the girl walk along with them.

Post the wedding ceremony there will be a lot of singing and dancing and food and drink to delight the guests. After the ceremony, the groom is not allowed to meet his new mother-in-law until the birth of the couple's first child.

Among some Angolan tribes, the groom is also supposed to prepare the matrimonial bed with the leaves of negwelulu tree.



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