A fun filled Argentinean wedding

Like many Western countries, Argentinean couple doesn't have any separate engagement ceremony. They usually have a simple proposal with a ring.

After that, the family of both the couple would sit together and decide on a date. The mothers of the bride and groom have a prominent role in the wedding arrangements. Unlike in other cultures, in Argentina, the parting gifts presented to the guests are created by the family members themselves.

Not just the gifts, the whole wedding will be organised by the close friends and the family of the couple. Each member will have their own part to play in organising the wedding.


Most of the Argentineans believe in Christianity, so it is common for an Argentinean couple to have a church wedding. But a religious wedding doesn't have any official recognition in Argentina, so the couple should have a civil ceremony to legalise their union. This usually happens a day before the religious ceremony and will be only attended by parents and close family.


In a church wedding, it is not necessary to have bridesmaids or best men. The couple will be walked down the aisle by their parents. As the couple exits the church as man and wife the family and friends will receive them by showering them with rice or birdseed, as per popular belief it represents fertility.


After the church ceremony, there will be a grand reception, which is conducted late in the evening. It will continue throughout the night. There will be a wide variety of food and the main highlights are a lot of sweets.


Another fun part of the reception is finding the ribbon with the ring. Several ribbons will be attached to the wedding cake and the unmarried girls are supposed to pull out one each, and the one who finds the ribbon with a ring attached to it is believed to be next in the line.


There will be many toasts, drinks, food, dance, music, games and merry-making. Music and dancing are one of the important factors of an Argentinean wedding.


As the reception will go throughout the night, breakfast will also incorporate into the wedding feast menu.


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