Brazilian wedding beautiful like a carnival

Brazilians are known for their colourful and flamboyant culture. A Brazilian wedding is no less colourful than the carnivals the country is famous for.

Brazilians don't have any separate engagement ceremony. Once a man proposes to a woman they exchange rings. But the Brazilian couples don't wear the rings on their left hands until the wedding ceremony. They will also have each others’ names engraved on the rings.

Brazilian brides have a bridal shower known as kitchen shower. The guest will have to bring gifts which could be used by the bride in her new kitchen. 

On the wedding day the groom will arrive at the wedding venue, mostly a church as Brazilians follow Christianity, first and wait for his wife to be. It is acceptable in Brazil, and moreover is considered lucky, if the bride arrives late for her wedding.

Unlike in other countries in Brazil the groom will select his best men only on the wedding day. The bridesmaids are not supposed to repeat colours. They should different coloured gowns for the wedding. The wedding ceremonies usually involve Christian traditions like in many Western Countries. The bride will be accompanied by flower girls. Only one will throw flowered as the bride walks, the other will be carrying the wedding rings. 

After the church wedding the newlyweds along with the guests would move to another venue for the reception.

Brazilian receptions are always grand and colourful like a carnival. It involves lots of dancing, music, food and drinks.  According to tradition, Brazilian couples have to present gifts to their parents during the reception. There will be many toasts and speeches. 

A traditional drink called ‘caipirinha’and cookies called casadinhos are distributed at the reception. The bride will walk from table to table with a basket; all the guests will have to put some object in the basket. It will be kept by the newlyweds as a souvenir.  

Another custom involves the groom’s tie. The best man will cut the groom’s ties into pieces and present it to guests as mementos. 

The guests will also receive bem casado, a traditional sweet, as parting gift.

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