Bizarre wedding traditions around the world

Wedding is a celebration of love and friendship. Each country posses its own unique wedding traditions, some are hilarious whereas some are  symbolical. Whatever the tradition is, the aim to bring happiness, luck and good fortune. Here are some unique tradition from various parts of the world.


Releasing Doves, Philippine

In traditional Philippine wedding receptions, the bride and groom frees two doves in to the air to denote a long, peaceful and harmonious life together.


Sake Sharing Ceremony, Japan

In the beloved Japanese tradition of San-San-Kudo, the bride and groom takes three sips each from three flat sake cups, after which their parents do the same, bonding and tying the families together with love and harmony.


Log Cutting, Germany

According to the wedding tradition in Germany, newly wedded must immediately put their bond and relation to test by working together to sever a log in half in front of their families and guests. This act is meant to evince the couples ability to work together and face obstacles that might come throughout their marriage.


Goose For The Groom’s Mother-in-Law, Korea

According to the Korean tradition, groom’s gift their mother-in-law wild geese or ducks. This austere animals represent the groom’s pure intention, commitment and loyalty to the bride and her family.

Blackening, Scotland

In this funny Scottish tradition, the bride, the groom or both are taken out the day before their wedding and will be piled in a mixture of alcohol, ash, feather and flour by friends and family. Although its odd, they believe that such an act will keep away evil spirits and will bring good fortune.


Stealing the Jija’s Shoes, India

This is a trick played by the bride’s sister, where they hide the groom’s shoes and asks for huge sum in return of the shoe from the groom. Meanwhile the grooms siblings and friends tries to find out the hidden shoe.


Spitting On The Bride, Kenya

In this awkward Kenyan tradition, the bride’s father spits on her head and chest while the newly wed leaves the village. This act is believed to bring good fortune for the couple.


Breaking A White Bell, Guatemala

For the Guatemalan wedding tradition, the groom’s mother breaks a white bell to welcome the couple home. The bell filled with flour, rice and grains symbolizes luck and prosperity.


Candle Lighting, Colombia

For the Colombian wedding, the groom and bride each have a candle and after their ring exchange they use their candles to light a third candle together. Once the candle is lit, they blow out their own candles. This tradition represents unity and merging of their souls in to one.


Bridal Sedans And Red Umbrellas, China

For the Chinese wedding, the bride is escorted to the ceremony with a bridal sedan. Red is a powerful and vibrant color for the Chinese, symbolizing luck and love. Similarly, the bride covers her face with a red veil and her mother or bride’s maid holds a red umbrella over her head as a shield for the growth of her own family.

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