Royal Unions

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An excellent way to taste the ancient Indian richness and heritage is a Royal Theme Wedding.


They are grand and ethnic in terms of celebration and looks. The royal theme will be surely an extravagant experience. 


Indian royal weddings are exclusively associated with the Rajput or the Mughal tradition; may be due to its rich heritage India had passed through. This will be ideal for a Hindu or Muslim wedding. Still a shadow of colonialism is also seen among luxury-loving Christians; as they love to be William and Kate!


The pomp, glory and opulence of bygone periods are brought to life as you exchange vows bejeweled like a Prince and Princess in a royal backdrop amongst the display of many royal luxuries, traditions, and processions.




It is not very uncommon to book an old palace, a heritage resort or a colonial bungalow as venues to deliver the best possible authenticity. Destinations like Rajasthan, Hyderabad and Goa are synonymous with royal weddings. Many old palaces, forts, and bungalows in these places have been transformed into best heritage hotels.


But if in the case of nonavailability of such buildings in your place, don’t worry, your smart wedding planner can erect a replica of a palace of your choice and all the elements associated with it depending on your budget. The elaborate affairs include many royal pre and post wedding ceremonies of your choice and budget.


Royal Indian Choices

These are grant affairs reminiscent of the opulence of the rich heritage of India. Religious parts of such ceremonies are usually done in elaborate floral pavilions, while an authentic royal dinner will be served at big halls or in the open air with the accompaniment of live music like ghazals.


Royal Indian Decor

The venue of a royal wedding is of course elegance exemplified. A palace ambience is recreated, right from the well-wrought entrance, chandeliers, columns, and draperies. The stage décor can be chosen from anything from gold and white background to recreating a magnificent Jaipur Palace or Taj Mahal. An elegantly bejeweled stage or a one with carved golden pillars decorated with rich fabric drapes or exotic flowers will do.


As choices are wide from a unique selection of whimsical castles and horse drew carriages to arches and standees, royal wedding decorations will make your fancies come true! Colours are usually chosen according to custom palace backdrops or in contrast to the bridal wear.




Grand lightning, floral decorations, red carpet, fireworks, floral rangoli will add to the grandeur.


Royal Extravaganzas

The entire experience in a royal wedding will take you to a princely pride, as a whole big line of caparisoned elephants, camels, horses or butlers, soldiers, flowers, fireworks and royalty everywhere. As the Maharaja and Maharani, clad gold and silver embroidered outfits, accomplished musicians play poignant tunes while folk dancers twirl to timeless tunes to invoke the blessings of Gods.


Traditional folk music, folk dancers, fire eaters, palmists, royal messengers, percussions, dholaks, nagadas, snake charmers, anything can be added or elaborated according to the client’s choice, perceptions, and the theme. The epicurean elegance will to be in accordance with the royal retreat.


Royal Rituals

Rituals play an important part of any weddings in India. So here are a few royal picks.




Baraat- The prince charming and the ‘baraat’ party coming to the venue on a horse or decorated elephant, as the royal musicians come with bands and ‘mashals’. Elephants, camels, horses with men and flags, percussions, bands, dancers, flower canopies, perfume sprays, fireworks, lanterns all these can be included for an environment of pomp and splashes. The host (bride's party) receives them to a decorated pavilion amidst flower petals and sprinkling rose water.


Mehendi- The ‘Queen’ recline on a silver throne as she gets her mehendi done in a palace setting with silk bolsters, mattresses and traditional Indian lanterns glowing around.


Mehfil- It is an indispensable part of Rajasthani wedding held on the wedding eve. As in the men's mehfil singers perform, while the ladies assemble in a hall and perform a 'ghoomar' - a unique dance. The bride also joins them occasionally.


Mahira Dastoor- This is a grand entrance of the bridegroom along with maternal uncles which will be traditionally received by the mothers. The uncle gives many expensive gifts and sweets to the entire family which is symbolic that it is the brother's duty to help his sister in her child's marriage. 


Though the choice of additional fanciful traditions is a choice of the client, still common rituals like mehendi, sangeet, baraat are followed elaborately in royal theme weddings.


 ‘Adithi Devo Bhava’

Guests in a royal themed wedding are aristocratic courtiers, welcomed by the salute of caparisoned elephants, garlands and are seated on ornate chairs in a regal ambience. They are welcomed by sprinkling ‘attar’ (perfumes) or by performing the traditional, ‘aarti’ ‘tikka’, and garlanding or showering petals.


Royal Victorian Weddings

The Victorian weddings are full of flowers, laces, and formalities. Roses, orchids, hyacinths, pansies, lilies, orange blossoms and daisies are abundant in the backdrop of flowing laces and linens and many candles in huge romantic chandeliers. Bridegroom comes in horse driven carriages embossed with customized monograms and are accompanied by people dressed like Dukes, Earls or Barons, giving an aristocratic impression.


Colonial bungalows, old churches or a blooming garden with statues, sculptures and fountains will serve as the perfect venue for a Victorian themed wedding.


A gala dinner with a Western menu and huge decorated cakes will be arrayed on tables draped with long tulles and organza. Even square dances add to the romance. Invitations can be printed in a font reminiscence of old-time and can be studded with Victorian fans and delicate flowers, giving an impression of the bygone world, where romance played an important role.


How to Plan

Before planning a royal wedding, fix your budget first, as it is an expensive affair. Once it is determined, choose a venue. If it is not a palace, a heritage building or a majestic temple, will be an apt venue and an elaborate affair can be chosen in consultation with your wedding planner.


It is your choice to decide whether you want to celebrate only the main ceremony or to go to extended regalia for which special arrangements are to be made. Also, the elements availing is also should be based on the budget of the client such as decoration, catering, processions, music, dancers, snake charmers, fireworks etc. And, don’t forget to make it clear through the invitations that the wedding will be based on a theme so that the guests are prepared for it.

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