Saat Phere - Why?

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Hindu weddings are probably obsessed with the most talked ritual of Saat phere. But do you really know why? There are a big plethora of rituals and customs Hindu wedding goes through which has it's own significance. You might have seen people accord a special place for it. What is so special about it? Haven't you wondered that? Let unravel before you the intricacies.

Saat Phere

Saat phere? What is it?

Saat phere is the seven rounds bride and groom take during the wedding ceremony around the holy fire amidst the priest chanting the sacred hymns and verses. It is also known as Mangal phere or Parikrama where the couple promises to be there with each other lifelong as one another's life companions. Saptapadi is a commonly confused word with Saat phere. Saptapadi is the seven steps taken by the couples towards the fire in front of it whereas Saat phere as mentioned above is the seven rounds around the fire.


Saat phere

The significance of Saat phere.

Saat phere is initiated by tying bride's one end of dupatta and groom's stole/scarf into a knot. Then it is followed by circulating in the clockwise direction around the fire.  Bride leads the first four rounds and the remaining three rounds by the groom. Here, the power, energy of the sun god , who is in Hindu religion considered to be a roop (Avatar) of Lord Vishnu, is symbolised as it is performed around the fire. The main point is that couples are taking vows keeping the holy fire as the prime witness and in front of the almighty. Fire as believed the destroyer of all sins becomes the epitome of it. The first four rounds the bride leads as she is considered the superior person in family matters and the household. 

Saat phere

The final three rounds are led by the groom because he is believed to be the provider and protector. The couples, thus promise to each other that they'll support and assist each other to lead a happy and conjugal life. The seven rounds around the fire also denote that the couples are knotted to each other for next seven lives. The seven rounds stand for nourishment, strength, prosperity, happiness, progeny, long life and harmony, and understanding. In Hindu weddings, the saat phere is that one ritual which completely validates and offers a sense of completeness to the wedding ceremony.

Saat phere

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