Say I do in Goa

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Marriage may be an age-old institution, but nowadays couples redefine it in their own ways. From setting the date to finalise the venue, they do everything according to their individual personalities and make it as unique as possible.


If you are thinking about a special place for your special day what else can be more exotic than Goa.




The idea of getting hitched in the backdrop of Goa's serene waters and tall coconut trees can fascinate any romantic couple. Large stretches of swaying palms and beautiful canopies make a perfect combination to make Goa the dream destination for a couple, deeply in love. Goa, with its glittery sands, blue sacred sea, and magnificent centuries-old churches, is aptly touted as the Rome of the East. Pristine beaches, tropical vegetation, dancing, drinking, exploring, drama and romance define the existence of India's party capital and provide every kind of delight to a fun-loving couple.


Goa is one of the best places in India where you can get the most exquisite feeling of being abroad, all thanks to its rich Portuguese borrowings. And this magnificent characteristic makes it different from rest of India.    


Like other parts of the country, Goa also has a rich and varied cultural heritage, including a number of historical monuments.


Popular Goan Wedding Venues


Apart from the beaches, these historical sites can also be included in your wishlist for the wedding venue.


There are other equally fascinating places, including the Banyan Tree Courtyard, SE Cathedral, Penha De Franca Church & Lawns, Bogmallo Beach Resort, Cidade De Goa, Casa De Goa Suites & Villas, Coconut Creek Resort, LPK Waterfront, Reis Magos Fort, The Emerald Forest and many other spots, which can blow your mind.




After exchanging the wedding vows, having a glass of local Feni drink will set your mood for an ostentatious party. Goa's carefree attitude creates the right magical environment for your wedding reception, in which you can include a gourmet meal for families and friends in a garden, villa or lawn. The reception can be followed by an extravagant late night party (obviously depending on your personal choices) with lots of music, drinking and dancing experiences.    


Hiring a wedding planner will help in the smooth handling of your wedding preparation and leave ample amount of time and space for you to have lots of fun before the wedding. 


Combine the honeymoon


A perfect wedding should be followed by a perfect honeymoon...Goa's beaches will give you a splendid experience of sunbathing, where you can spend some quality time with your spouse. There is nothing more romantic than walking hand-in-hand with your loved one across miles and miles of the exotic beaches of Goa.


Be it the wedding or the honeymoon, this beautiful place can give you all sorts of variety and guarantee you an ecstatic experience.

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