Some wedding superstitions around the world

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Wedding traditions are passed from generation to generation. But there are certain traditions which are not much followed by the present generation. These traditions lost their meaning after many generations as the later found it superstitions without any meaning.


Here are some wedding traditions which are interesting and sound superstitious.


Centuries ago shoes symbolised authority and possession. That is why the people at that time made shoes also a part of the wedding traditions. During the wedding ceremony, the bride's father would hand over one of the shoes of the bride to the groom as a symbol of transferring the father's authority to her new husband. The groom would then tap the shoe over the bride's head as a symbol of taking his new role.


Another shoe custom was the custom of throwing shoes at the carriage carrying the newlyweds to wish them good luck.





Well, after reading it you yourself would understand why these traditions were discontinued after many generations.


Another tradition is giving a decorative wooden spoon that is decorated with symbols of love to the woman by a suitor. The well-decorated spoon is to reflect the skill of the person who carved it and thus as his ability to take care of his bride. 


Another spoon tradition belongs to Norway where the newlyweds are made to eat using linked spoons. It was a symbol of their marriage bond as these spoons and the chain which connects it are made from a single piece of wood. 




Groomsmen are an inevitable part of weddings. We all know how bridesmaids became a part of the weddings, but do you know how groomsmen also became a part of the weddings?




In ancient times men used to capture women they like in order to marry them. There were no proposals or courtings. The man who intends to marry a woman would take his strongest friends with him to kidnap the women and these friends' duty was to fight those who oppose them (the woman's family). The most trusted one was considered as the best man.

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