Tribal influence in Cameroonian wedding

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The West African country of Cameroon has the same wedding traditions like that of any African country. Polygamy is legal in the country and it is still practiced among the rural population.


The country consists of many tribal and ethnic groups. So the wedding traditions also have the influence of these groups.


One of the important traditions in the country is to honour the ancestors. The marriages in Cameron are seen as the union of not just two individuals but also the joining of two families.


According to tradition a Cameroonian man has to bring cash for bride price, firewood, goats, a married woman's outfit, a barrel of meat and 250 ml palm oil along with him to the bride's family.


The man will have to approach the bride's father for approval. The man's family along with close friends would bring cola nut to the girl's family as a mark of friendship and honor. After that the man will be asked to choose his prospective bride form a group of women who have covered their faces with veils. He is not supposed to make any mistake. Once he selects the girl the girl's father would ask his daughter to share a glass of drink with the groom.


Later both the families will meet and they will announce the engagement. It is the bride's father who decides how much the marriage payment should be. That is the groom's family should provide the dowry. Then the groom and the bride will be taken to privacy to get dressed in their wedding dress. The rest of the family will soon start celebrating the wedding.


Towards the end of the ceremony the older women from the bride's family will take the bride to her husband's home. There her father-in-law would sprinkle some water on the couple's feet at the door way.  It is done to show that she is welcome to the family.

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