Wedding Culture of Brunei

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The Southeast Asian country Brunei is a predominantly Muslim state. Its culture is influenced by Malay cultures and that of Islamic nations. Weddings also have Malay and Islamic influences. As Brunei is an Islamic state, open courting is still a big no to its citizens. 

If the parents decide to marry off their son, they would search for a girl through a representative. If they find a match according to their priority they would go and meet the girl's parents and decide upon the marriage. This custom is called Mengagi. 

 If the girl's family accepts the proposal, then other members from the groom's family would come to the girl's house and offer two rings. The first ring signifies the groom's interest in marrying the girl. The other is the official engagement ring. There they will also discuss about the wedding date, dowry etc...

After the engagement there is a function in Brunei called Menghantar - it is the delivering of gifts from the groom's side to the bride. It is a grand event.  Another ceremony named Berbedak follows Menghantar, here the close members of both the families would bless the prospective bride and the groom.

 Like in North Indian countries the Brunei bride and groom also have henna and haldi (turmeric) ceremonies. But instead of haldi they apply a paste made of colored rice flour and scented oils.

On the wedding day a religious head would preside over the function. During the solemnisation ceremony the bride will be represented by her father. The groom would take vow in front of the witnesses and proclaims to accept the girl as his wife. 

The nikah is followed by a grand reception. There is another ceremony which is held a day after the reception called Malam Ambil-ambilan. It is held to make both the families familiar with each other.

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