Wedding rituals of 5 states in North India

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Marriages are celebrated differently in every part of the world. But, India has a varied culture and tradition, every nook and corner. Every religion and region has its own set of marriage rituals which will even change with a distance of 10kms. If it is bride's residence location that decides the functions in many states, it is the groom's side who sets the rituals in some other. We know bizarre functions in many places. Now, let's look into the exclusive wedding rituals followed in various Indian states.

Bihar does not fail to entertain

Any bride would be prepared to face the competitions in her sasural to be proved the best. But, it is a little early for Bihari brides. They are asked to carry earthen pots one on another on their heads, gifted by their mother in law. To make it tougher, she has to touch the feet of all the elders in the groom's family that too without breaking the pots. This is far more than what you see in television daily soaps.

It's a Bengali thing

Similar to some Hindu rituals in Kerala, Bengalis also find it inauspicious to have the groom's mother present in the wedding. They also have a special 'Ganga Arti' which is a plate full of goodies from bride's married family members. This will later be drowned in Ganges for blessings. How can Bengali's celebrate without seeking  Ganga Mayya's blessings?

Tribal weddings are always unique

La Tomatino, Spain's popular tomato festival  must have been banned in many places in India, but a tribe in Sarsaul in Uttar Pradesh welcomes the groom's family with tomatoes. Yes, you heard it right. This tomato throwing ceremony is believed to rule out all future misfortunes for the couples. Sounds Strange? There are many more.

Balle Balle!

Punjabi weddings are known for its splendour and loudness. It is evident in their color scheme and also choice of everything related to wedding. But, there is a special ritual among Punjabis called 'Ghada Gharoli'. The bride's mother and brother's wife will go to a temple and bring a pitcher full of holy water and the bride has to bathe with the same before wearing the wedding attire. Punjabi's love having fun and this can also be a good piece of entertainment along with following the customs.

Maharashtrian ritual

Do you think that the silk is reserved to Kanchipuram of Tamil Nadu and Benaras of Bengali weddings? Then, you are going to be shocked with this. Maharashtra also gives silk an important position in the wedding mandap. Antrapat , a silk shawl stands as a wall between the bride and the groom. This gives a suspense thriller effect to the couples and they can see each other only when the groom ties the mangalsutra. This is an interesting ritual that can be adopted to every tradition. right?

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