Wedding superstitions around the world

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Each and every culture has its own wedding traditions, rituals, and beliefs. Many superstitions are also related to these wedding traditions. Here are some of the funny wedding superstitions from all over the world.


According to English lore, finding a spider on your wedding dress on the wedding day is a good omen. Folklore or not I would scream my heart out if I find one on me.


What happens if a nun or a monk crosses your path while you are on the way to your wedding? You will get cursed with a life dependent on charity and you will also become infertile! Yes, that is also a part of the folklore superstitions. So getting married in a church near an abbey is out of the question.



Do you know that the origin of the wedding veils is also related to superstitions? The Greeks and Romans believed that there are many malevolent spirits who roam around us and if they see the bride's face they will put an evil eye on her. So that is how the brides started to wear veils to protect themselves from these evil spirits. 

If you believe in English folklores, then you can't get married on a Saturday. You will be unlucky if you did so.




If you are a superstitious Italian couple then you need to break glass or vase as part of wedding custom. As per belief, the number of pieces of broken glasses symbolises the number of years you will live as a married couple. Guys put your full energy to it if you want to stay happy for many years.




Another superstition of ringing bells at the Irish weddings is also related to the evil spirits. They are chimed to keep these spirits away from the newlyweds. Even now many Irish brides wear a small bracelet or charm with tiny bells or carry them in their bouquets to keep this tradition alive.


Nobody wants to get married on a rainy day. The rains will undoubtedly spoil your outdoor photo opportunities and also could badly affect your DIY decors. But according to Indian traditions, the heavy rain on your wedding day symbolises good luck and prosperity.




Egyptian brides will have to keep painkillers handy on their wedding day. According to a certain group, pinching the bride would bring them good luck. Oops, we feel sorry for the brides.


In some traditions, the young women would sleep with a piece of a wedding cake under their pillows so that they would dream of their future husbands. Too 'sweet' dreams.


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