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When you have a choice, will you go for a buffet or an a-la-carte? Obviously a-la-carte. Right? Why would someone say a' No' to freshly served food which is customised as per your taste. This is what the ISO certified Banana leaf A-la-Carte caterers offers you. Banana leaf A-la-carte is one of the most wanted caterers in Kerala who is serving us the best tastes for two decades now. ' The way you want it' makes it to the best tagline that describes the one and only Banana leaf A-la-Carte. Excellent hospitality is the base of our goodwill and reputation over the years.

A wedding is not only about the couple getting married. But, the long guest list who has different tastes for the food and customs. You need to bring a smile on their lips and make them feel happy and satisfied. If the food served has a flaw, the luxurious decorations and arrangements will go in vein. You will have to hear that for a lifetime. This makes it mandatory to select the best caterers for the Big Day. When you have Banana leaf A-la-carte, you need not compromise on anything related to caterers. We assure that every guest gets special treatment and leave their blessings to the couple whole heartedly.

Kerala's premium caterers for Banana leaf A-la-Carte is all set to make every occasion, a special one. Started in 1999 by the parents, the caterers in getting a modern face by the touch of followers who are blending the traditional reputation with contemporary food styles. The trendy name 'Banana leaf A-la-Carte was given to the food chain in 2009 and from then to now, the name has served its purpose to more than 8000 satisfied customers per day. A committed expert team of 2 staffs is spread across Kochi and Kottayam. But, the taste is served in every nook and corner of the God's own country. If you are a foodie, Banana leaf A-la-Carte is your favourite destination for a lifetime.

With a testimony of happy customers from more than thousand of weddings and other cultural and social events, Banana leaf A-la-Carte caterers specialises in Arabian and Malabar cuisine, especially Biriyani. With an authentic merge of Indian delicacies and International quality, we serve the best flavours of Kerala. We serve a variety of delicacies that goes beyond the boundaries. We are not tied to the limited area of Kerala when it comes to choice of tastes, whether it's North Indian or Tandoori, we serve the best in the industry.

Get ready to say Hello to your taste buds. There is a lot more to us, than just being a tastemaker.
We serve:-

Kerala Sadya
The most missed thing for a Malayali who goes outside Kerala is the Kerala Sadya. The umpteen number of delicacies served on the banana leaf becomes the part of every Malayali's life. Whether it is a special occasion like Vishu , Onam, Wedding or even a star birthday, a traditional Malayali cannot live without the presence of freshly served Kerala cuisine. Banana chips and Jaggery coated chips serves as a starter and everyone who tries it, cannot fold the leaf without licking the finger dipped in the sweet payasam served. If you are not requesting for a second round of rice, you are not at Banana leaf A-la-Carte caterers.

South Indian
If you are a fan of hot and crispy dosas and tasty south Indian vadas, served with the healthiest soup of Malayali, sambhar, you have to try the South Indian delicacies of Banana leaf A-la-carte for sure. The authentic south Indian tastes will make your heart go crazy and fall in love with every dish. You will face the toughest challenge to choose from the best. Get ready to make the softest idlis, your all time favourite breakfast.

Fresh and Fast Thattukada
Ask any Malayali, where they enjoyed the most tasty food. The answer will be any of the street food of Kerala, Thattukada. But, the cleanliness and quality will keep us away from the delicacies of road side vendors. You cannot compromise on hygiene for taste. Now, do not worry. We at Banana Leaf A-la-carte, serves the best quality Thattukada tastes without missing the uniqueness and freshness of street food.

Authentic Kuttanadan Food
Kuttanad is the heart of Kerala as it beats to the rhythm of Kerala. The spices of Kuttanadan delicacies is the star attraction of the land of backwaters. Banana leaf A-la-carte gives you an amazing opportunity to experience the naadan homely food of Kuttanad with authentic styles and tastes. The flavour and aroma will last forever in your mind and comes back everytime you think about tasty food.

Smoky grilled Tandoori Dishes
If you have a flair of North Indian or Arabian cuisine, never miss a chance to try our Tandoor delicacies. The professionally grilled Tandoor dishes will take you to the land of camels, Arabia. Though history debates on the origin of Tandoori dishes thousands of years ago to Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro or Rajasthan, there will be no doubt that we serve the best of same.

Sweet is the new hot
Without a dessert, no dinner is complete. The sweet dishes that make you drool is going to be in the menu of Banana leaf A-la-carte . The mouth watering delicacies include traditional Indian sweets and also international dessert cuisine. If you have a sweet tooth, you won't need another reason to fall in love with Banana leaf A-la-carte.

If you are looking for the best caterers in the town, you can opt for Banana leaf A-la-carte without a second thought. Your tummy will Thank You for the yummiest food and the choice you made to select Banana leaf A-la-carte. Your taste buds are going to be grateful and will surely bring you back to us. Banana leaf A-la-carte is definitely Kerala's most wanted caterers for every special day in your life.

Mail us at bananaleafcaterers@gmail.com

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