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Hold your head high!
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Team "Hair O Craft" is presenting a light of hope to your life that will help you regain your confidence. Expert panel of Dermatology doctors are always happy to fix your scalp & hair problems.

In fact, "Hair O Craft" has 5 branches: Cochin, Calicut, Trivandrum, Manjeri & Coimbatore. The 6th centre is going to open soon at Bangalore.
"Hair O Craft" has customized treatments based on the patient and his requirement. Different types of treatments are available with this centre to enhance your look.

Hormonal imbalance is the ultimate reason for the male pattern baldness.

'FUE Hair transplant' is the effective method of treatment that can be opted for a bald scalp. If you get your natural hair back with a treatment that doesn't have any side effects; then it will be the best solution to regain your youthfulness! Visit "Hair O Craft" & check the health of your scalp and hair.

About FUE Method: Your own hair from the donor area is transplanted on your bald scalp. Individual hair along with the root is extracted from the back of your head (which will be resistant to hormonal action) for the hair transplant. Apart from this other areas like chest, beard etc. can also be used as the donor area. Once the process is done; hair starts to grow within 4 months but, you need to wait 8–12 months to get a full grown healthy hair and then you can do any styling on it.

Basic Requirement for Hair Transplantation: Healthy donor hair is the basic criteria for a hair Transplant. There are some routine blood tests that you need to go through before proceeding with the hair transplant. Though there is no age limit for Hair Transplantation, the ideal age is between 25 to 60 years. Health condition of the patient is also important for the successful results. Hair Transplantation can also be used for the restoration of eye brows, beard and moustache.

Hair Treatments: PRP treatment, Scalp Micro Pigmentation, Meso Rich Plasma Therapy, Hair loss treatments.

"Affordable Fees with premium Quality treatment"
"Hair O Craft" assures quality treatments for you at very affordable rates!" This makes 'Hair O Craft' particularly unique in this field. The patients of "Hair O Craft" can ensure that the exact number of grafts have been transplanted according to their requirement. In cases where Hair Transplantation is not possible (due to lack of donor hair), 'hair fixing' is the perfect choice.

Hair Fixing
It's just a clip-in or pasting Hair fixing is completely a non-surgical process and is done by experienced technicians. Here, the patient can decide the type of design for their custom styling. Particular shape and sizes of 'hair patches' are using for this method according to the requirements. Hair fixing can change your looks instantly which is the highlight of this method. Ladies 'Hair Extension', 'Hair Weaving' and 'Custom Styling' are also possible at "Hair O Craft"!

"Ladies Hair Extension"
"Hair O Craft" exclusively presenting a perfect solution for the ladies who wants to lengthen their hair. Stop your worries & try hair extensions! It is designed in a unique way to give you the natural hair beauty. The professionalism of "Hair O Craft" in handling customized needs are the central attraction in enhancing customer satisfaction. 'Clip-in Hair extension' is very quick & easy to use; as it is created in such a friendly-manner. These hair extensions are safe to wear and never cause any damage to your natural hair, you can change it according to your wish.

Hair Extensions are available in 3 length options like- 15 inches, 18 inches and 20 inches. 'Weaving Method' is the other type of Hair Extension that is also very easy as the previous method, here the clips on the extensions are attached on your teased hair. The company providing an option for ladies who are interested to change the colour of their hair at the same time don’t want to dye the hair! In such cases, "Hair O Craft" can give Clip-in Hair Extensions to experiment with colour!

"Team Hair O craft"
Quality treatments with superior products at affordable fees are the notable specialties of "Hair O Craft". Baldness is not the end of your youthful look. It's your choice and our service that is going to change the baldness from your life.

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