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Kochi, the business capital of Kerala, is at the brim of sprouting up to the seventh skies of economic growth and a drastic lifestyle change. Though the people in and around the city has already been living up to high standards, almost equal in comparison with many of the European cities, the question echoes still, that does the 'Queen of Arabian Sea' has everything to cop up with the lifestyle demands of customers?

Well, lifestyle is everything you live on and live up to; and above all what you wear. A much sought after Man and his well-known brand has been fulfilling the lifestyle demands of premium and economy customers in Kochi for quite a long time; Designer Hassan P.K and the brand KIM India.

KIM India may sound unfamiliar to most of you as heretofore it was known as Zazenz. Today, the brands Zazenz and KIM serve as the most premium and exclusive designer brand which can very well be called the India's own brand.
Hassan P.K, the soul, and vision behind the KIM India has been a shining star among the designers in India and a leading light to many of the popular designers today. Hassan is the prime-preferred designer of several celebrities and fashion enthusiasts around the world. His success and fame rely, in his own words, on his dedication, thirst for quality and passion for creativity.

KIM INDIA - Designer Studio
KIM INDIA - Designer Studio

In an exclusive Interview with Wedding Street, Hassan opened up his mind and talked about the brand, the quality and his visions on the lifestyle realm. Designing was not just his profession but a passion. And it is that passion which led him to create a premium brand for fashion lovers.
Hassan told that the excellence in the engineering of best-fitting a fabric on a human body is the success key of KIM. All the possible measures are taken to achieve this excellence, such as bespoke designs, quality materials, matching accessories and skilled workforce. To not compromise on quality even the stitching thread is imported from Germany; so is the case with other accessories.

Kochi is yet to explore the lifestyle and according to Hassan, the city has already stepped into premium living; but in years ahead the demand for premium brands will skyrocket. KIM also serves as a wedding shopping point for grooms and all that they look for the greatest ceremony in their life is available in this beautiful and themed designer studio.
KIM has exclusive clothing materials available nowhere else in India, like the Bedlam Super 130 which is 130% pure wool made in England. Brushed wool, trendy check materials, handmade fabrics and much more of the superior quality stuff is available for customers to pick and choose in KIM.

The suit has always been out of the fashion concepts of Keralites, but recently this attitude is changing and, according to Hassan, more and more Keralites are now having a preference for the suit. KIM also has a wide collection of trendy jackets. These jackets match every age group or every social event. Customer preference is the key to KIM designs.

Kochi has everything for the new generation folks to delight in like world class shopping malls, multiplexes, supercars and what not; but only a few premium shopping destinations. KIM India is the shoppers stop for the brand thirsty minds and fashion loving folks; above all, KIM is the perfect harmony of passion, designs, style, quality, and lifestyle.

KIM INDIA Designer Studio

Hassan is someone who is uncompromising when it comes to quality and selection of the materials that he chooses to customize his favorite blazer, trousers or shirt designs. Brand conscious customers are what Hassan is in look out where he believes every customer is a celebrity.
He is a confident designer who is passionate to the work he does and who says " I choose customers and it's not customers who choose me, as long I know how to design the perfect outfit, customers search for me ."

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