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On your Wedding day, you have to look like the most gorgeous version of yourself!
"If you are a bride-to-be & you’re ready to explore your hidden beauty, we will help you to grab the buzz around your wedding day": Team 'Novocare'.
Unleash your everlasting beauty with Novocare. Revitalize yourself with the best beauty tips from a panel of doctors-
Dr. Baby Resiya (Dentist)
Dr. Julin Preejo (Dentist)
Dr. Anish K A (Dermatology)
“Novocare”, Dental & Skin Clinic, Edappally, Ernakulam

Fair & Glowing Skin

"For your eternal beauty”
Always opt for a quality assured treatment on your skin especially for pimples, scars, facial removal, dark pigmentation, wrinkles and other beauty threats; because it's very relevant to handle with care.

Do’s : Prior to Your Marriage

“Visit us minimum 3 months before & assure your dazzling beauty with the internationally recognized quality enrich treatment ”, Dr. Anish K A (Dermatologist) says. There are unlimited facilities are available with us, because in this scenario dermatology & dentistry departments are enchanting with advanced technology.

Anti-aging treatments - Rejuvenate your skin!

"Dr. Anish K.A says, you can see your youth coming back through the treatments like medi facial, gentle peel, laser toning, laser tightening and other injectable treatments like ‘Botox’. ‘Botox’ is a treatment that helps you to soften your muscles and reduce the wrinkles from your face and body. There is no side effects to these treatments.

Hair loss Treatment - Be confident with 'Novocare'

“If a bride-to-be, groom-to-be or a normal patient came with hair loss; we will prescribe for a blood test, because hair loss can cause due to unlimited reason”, Dr. Anish added. Certain cases, 'Novocare' suggest the patient to use hair serum that can provides nutrients directly to the scalp. PRP, FUE treatments are available in the dermatology department to enhance the glamour. “Dr. Anish says, there are hair transplanting treatments for men especially for groom-to-be patients”. If you can get back your real hair back, then why don’t you try for it? The hair from your own donor area of head is used for the transplantation, so where is the scope for a side effect? Hair transplant can be done on the eye brows and moustache as well!

Essential Routine for a Glowing Skin

Drink 10-12 glass of water, eat more fruits, salads and vegetables, keep systematic exercise & say no to bakery items.

Skin Whitening

“The term skin whitening itself is misleading, its actually skin tone improving”, Dr. Anish says. "Novocare" help you to brighten your skin tone through high quality treatments like chemical peels, skin booster injections without any side effects. “Scare about the instant fairness cream products, it will ruin your skin for sure” he added.

Exclusive for Bride-to-be & Groom-to-be

Start few months prior: Maintain your skin hydrate with quality moisturizer, avoid sun exposure; use sunscreen when you go out, drink plenty of water, add more fruits and salads in your diet. Say 'no' to fast food and say 'yes' to meditation & exercise.

Beauty Parlour Facials?
"Facials are always good for a bride but, be confident about the suitability to your skin texture. Several types of facials are available in the beauty parlour, check before apply on your face" Doctor suggests. Go for a skin type assessment test with your dermatologist! It is always better to analyse the perfect choice for your skin. "If you treat your skin careful, it will stays plump and flawless for sure", Dr. Anish K A concluded.

"Maintain The Dental Health": Dr.Baby Resiya (Director, Novocare)

Care your teeth; it is one of the precious features of your beauty! "Teeth reflects your identity, A person with full set of cavity-free teeth will be healthier in his late 80's", Dr. Baby Resiya says. .

Novocare Presents: All about Your Smile Designing!
Aware about the concept 'Cosmetic dentistry’ & improve the beauty of your smile. If you are a bride-to-be or a groom-to-be and you want to feel the difference from your problematic shape, colour & size of your teeth; 'Novocare' is providing a perfect solution to enhance your wedding wows!

Professional Dentistry Advice
Dr. Julin Preejo says, "delve into the hidden beauty of yours!" Cosmetic dentistry can provide you the best ever bridal packages. Define your dream with 'Novocare', there are endless treatments are available for you. We provides you the responsible dentistry for your bridal beauty.

Novocare: Bridal Packages of Dental Care
'Gum de pigmentation'- "It is a procedure used in cosmetic dentistry to lighten or remove the black spots and patches from your gum. The laser therapy can help you to achieve the dream", Dr. Julin Preejo says. "Within 1hour you can get a healthy pink gum", she added. 'Tooth Shape Alterations'- Get a well featured teeth that defines the beauty of yours. "If you are suffering with your unshaped teeth, get it fixed with the help of Novocare", Dr. Julin preejo suggests. 'Tooth Whitening'- "Do you have dark teeth? the quality assured laser therapy is a better option to lighten your teeth colour", doctor defines. 'Tooth Jewellery'- Dr. Julin Preejo says, "Have you ever noticed the sparkling smile of Arabic ladies? It is the trendy concept to fix a diamond stud on the teeth. This will help you to grab the attention on your wedding day, especially when you are posing for the photographs" & it is very affordable she added. 'Novocare' holds a recognized standard of international certification in premium treatments & services. Find your real beauty with 'Novocare' & bridal packages. Let the friends say "You are Glowing"!

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