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'Search yourself in the fragrant flames'

'Search yourself in the fragrant flames'... As the brand name suggests, Popular candles are popular enough in the hearts of the mass with years of trustworthy tradition. The company kindled the candle for the first time in 1960. Needless to say, the popular candles are simply outstanding with its designs, durability and quality.

It probably takes you years of tireless searching to find your signature scent that sums up your style and personality. Popular candles come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours and scents. They literally rule the market!.

The company has been into designing, manufacturing and distribution of varieties of candles for domestic & international market. Their design experts are capable to offer packaging solutions from single piece to multi packs.

Popular candles offer you a wide variety of products which includes gel candles, handmade candles, occasional or festival, household candles, dinner candles, floating candles & also customized candle products.

Scent is the feature in the new line of products. These candles have artificial, synthetic or natural fragrances ranging from apple cider to that of baked cookies.

Popular candles have developed the aura that have already conquered the home fragrance candle market. The skilled man power of the company meets the customized products with an artistic touch.

Testing facilities are ready to control the quality of raw materials, process parameters & final products.

Popular candles offer dedicating gift oriented products; like ball wax, cylindrical wax, perfumed jar, square wax, triangle wax, tin, pillar candles, digital festival candles and other limitless creations that you can't even imagine.

Market of popular candles are projected to grow at a steady pace in the forecast period, lead by higher growth in emerging European economies. They also offer lucrative opportunities for further expansion.

Popular candle is different in its goal because, they are working for the 'manufacturing of quality candles' which is special from others.

It represents the fruitful desire of the company to share a flame of hope into the heart of each individual with a lovely aroma.

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