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Smile is world`s most powerful Gesture. 83% people believes that teeth are more important for their appearance than Hair and Eyes.23% people notice smile on their first look at a person.
Smile is a functional necessity. It is not an aesthetic need. Smile confidence enriches human health enhance success and feeling of happiness. Smiling leads to decreased hormones level that have a negative impact on your physical and mental health, the recent studies claim.Smile impacts human psychology, so physical and mental needs are more important. According to Dr.Seby Varghese of Facets Dental Aesthetics Kochi “You cannot face problems with smile, if the problem is your face and Smile”.

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What is Smile Designing or Smile Make over treatment?
Smile make over treatment involves correcting the Tooth tissue defects, Tooth shape defects, Bite defects, Tooth positional defects, Tooth colour defects, Gum colour defects, Gum positional defects, Lippositions, Facial folds, Cheeks, Aging signs, Bone position and Bone shape defects.

How is the Smile Designing or Smile make over treatment done?
Smile make over or smile designing treatment is performed after long discussion with the patient. A simulation is prepared and the mock up session would give the patient a very good idea about the treatment outcome. Each person is different, Each Smile is unique. Not all the options are required for each and Every person. Customised plans are picked up from the below list.
Treatment involves Root canal treatment, Gum sculpting, Tooth contouring, Dental Bonding, Dental Veneers, Dental Caps or Crowns, Braces, Invisalign or Dental aligner, Gum surgeries, Jaw bone Surgeries, Cheek Surgeries, Dentures, Implants, other prosthesis to improve the facial features, Non-surgical medical cosmetology procedures.

Smile Designer

Smile Designer

Who is eligible for the Smile designing or smile Make over treatment?
Those who feel that they don’t have a smile which shows his personality, or those who wish to enhance the features or those who really needs to boost the confidence.

Who does not qualify for the Smile Designing or Smile Make over treatment?
Less motivated persons with Poor oral hygiene habits .Medically compromised people. And those who believes that they have a great smile or they don’t care !

Smile Designer

Smile Designer

Are there any adverse effects of smile makeover?
Medical science is not an exact science. Common treatment complications are expected .Each treatment options has its own merits and demerits.

What are guidelines for post-treatment treatment?
Each specific treatment has its own post treatment care. Strict follow up is required.

Smile Designer

Smile Designer

How long will it take to recover after smile make over therapy?
Smile Design sessions can range from 1 hour to 1 year depends on person and severity of the case.

What is the price of the Smile designing or Smile makeover treatment in India?
Smile design price can range from minimum of 5k to 500k.

Are the therapy outcomes permanent?
There is nothing permanent in this world. Wear and tear is expected but the prosthesis is under warranty of the lab. Review and recall appointments helps to maintain the oral wellness through life.

Brief Profile
Dr.Seby Varghese, Award-winning Celebrity Smile Designer, propagating Dental Facelift's idea with Visagism philosophy, i.e. Smiles associated to personality. He is the pioneer of the state's integration of dentistry with medical cosmetology. Dr.Seby's holistic strategy attracts global patients to his Kochi dental practice named Facets Dental Aesthetics.
Since 2000, Dental Tourism has positioned Dr.Seby's dental practice near Cochin International Airport in the travel industry for dental value. His practice currently extends throughout the district of Ernakulam with eight branches of General Dentistry, Dental Implantology, Medical Cosmetology, Dermatology and Dental alignment with invisalign like Dental aligners. Teeth whitening and Dental grills are other popular treatments. He believes that his legacy is every smile he has touched. State Award winning Cosmetic Dentist with commitment to the society is involving with Dentala Foundation, doing dental charity initiatives.

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