"Y-LA!The name that you and fashion industry spells!"

India has seen a lot of changing trends in the fashion industry and the blooming of boutiques in the place of old textile stores are one among them. Gone are those days when you select a dress from the lot and get satisfied with that. We are getting anything at our fingertip and designs are no different. Since dress varies from regular designs, they have more craze in the Indian market. You won't desire the same type of lehenga that your whole locality owns, but the one any celebrity wore for the award night may be the one that won your heart’ s are flourishing because they are not just stores, but a lot more than that. They're style educators.

Fashion is fickle, and a new trend enters the style market only when boutiques shows them how. Customers walk in the store to be inspired, to shop with friends, and to feel good about them. It's more about the experience! Y-La Designer Studio is what you have been looking for all these years to fulfil your fashion dreams. Y-La Designer Studio offers an in-store experience that big retailers can’t provide. They create an atmosphere, with fragrance, lighting and visual merchandising, and give a personal service that will keep customers returning.

It all began with a passion of two women who loves fashion and does not wanted to follow the mundane. Shareena and Shafeena are the duo partners of Y-La Designer Studio who are stitching together the dreams of women in the fabric of love, for Kochi and other parts of Kerala. It has been 4 successful years that Y-La Designer Studio has been serving satisfied customers around the city. The motive of Y-La Designer Studio is not to add more and more customers to the list, but to maintain happy clients who can give the goodwill through word of mouth. For this purpose, Y-La Designer Studio comprehends the quintessence of Indian women and dress her up from beautiful traditional wear to sassy modern wear.

It goes unsaid that the name Y-La Designer Studio gives the ability to be creative along practical lines of endeavour, be original and inventive beautiful woman. Like your personal appearance is important to you, you always want to make the finest impression on others. Y-La Designer Studio helps you to create that best first impression at the very first sight. Y-La looks forward in reinventing the new trends in fashion in the future with exclusive bridal wear which will be affordable for all. Y-La offers a wide range of apparel to fit any woman’s unique sense of style. The clothing and accessories are carefully curated to provide the customers the latest fashions.

The inimitability of Y-la Designer Studio when compared to the competitors lies in its customised designs. All kinds of ladies fashion wear ranging from casual Kurtis, readymade Salwar suits, handwork and machine embroidery masterpieces from our in house team of specialised craftsmen from Kolkata and Mumbai will all make you go Wow. When Y-La claims to be reasonable, it actually mean it with an exclusive bridal wear range that starts from Rs. 6000 onwards. Even the minute details from colour tones to beadworks and hand embroidery are taken care of with utmost perfection. There is an amazing collection of especially hand-worked sarees too that can woo the saree lover in you.

Do you want that same design that Deepika Padukone wore for her wedding? You don't need to rush to Sabyasachi and spend lakhs on it. You will get the replica of the same in the material you can afford at Y-La Designer Studio. Now, Priyanka Chopra's gown is also not the signature of Ralph Lauren. Whether it is Bollywood celebrity designs or your own customised signature designs that bespoke your emotions and relations, Y-La Designer Studio has the best execution of all. Today’s customers don’t want to do business with large corporations or small businesses. They want to do business with people. They care about relational transactions and customer service, whether they’re buying food or furniture and fashion is also in the top priority.

You just have to wish for it, to own it. Every bride deserves to be the best looking woman in this world on her wedding and Y-La Designer Studio is the best partner you can opt for. This is made possible with an in-house team of fashion designers, expertise master cutters and tailors and craftsmen who dedicatedly work together to give a perfect outfit. The Y-La connoisseur squad includes four fresh and updated designers, five skilled professional tailors and five experienced craftsmen who can bring your fashion dreams come true.

When you hear boutique, you may mistake it as a festive only place, but Y-La Designer Studio is the perfect choice for all your occasions. It's not a wedding/ bridal alone, but all casual, formal and daily wear design needs of a woman will be accomplished here. The boutique is currently exclusively reserved for women and children. Now you know where to go for that mummy-daughter collections and designs for that grand party. For every tastes and individuality, there are custom made designs and fabric collection. Y-La Designer Studio not only sells products or services, but experience and memories. Who doesn't want to revisit their best memories? Y-La Designer Studio builds influence and trust through their personal brand and creates a personal connection that makes you want to buy from them. Y-La Designer Studio's passion for fine clothing has transformed into a passion for immense customer service and value for money. Client needs are in priority and providing flawless clothes at economical way is the revelation. Y-La Designer Studio does not just sell clothes, but happiness. Created for the simple love of finding and sharing affordable, on-trend fashion, Y-La Designer Studio is for women who are looking to express their femininity, spirit, and passion every day.

To know and experience more, do visit the Y-La Designer Studio stores in Kochi.
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