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Kochi has its beautiful blend of diverse culture and traditions, from all over the world. The metro city is blessed with the global inclusions and enriching traditions from various parts of the globe. This is what makes the city vibrant and unique at the same time.

Zamorin Decor is a new addition to the finest decor industry with the blend of latest trends and traditional royal heritage. The name Zamorin familiar for Keralites is derived from the Hindu Monarch of the Kingdom of Kozhikode, on Malabar Coast. Calico, the pride of Malabar, is the most ethnic fabric from Calicut which was popular in Europe for more than four centuries made by the traditional weavers called cāliyans originally from the city of Calicut in south-western India which was then ruled by the Zamorin Kingdom. This enchanting history of Zamorin is the grounds for Zamorin Decor to adopt this name of pride to their furnishings firm in reminiscence of the Calico heritage and Zamorin’s Vikramapuram Palace decorations. The name itself defines authenticity and ethnicity of Zamorin Decor. The inimitability in the name is evident in their furnishing spectrum also with designs and fabric that you cannot take your eyes off.

When the city of opportunities is filled with strong competitors in every nook and corner, what makes Zamorin Decor exceptional is it's amazing signature collection of Cotton Home Decor and Furnishing materials. As the brand geographically hails from the soil of cāliyans (traditional weavers of Zamorin Monarch), it make sure that the pride of Royal Vikramapuram Palace decorations is held high. When there is a wedding approaching, it is not only the bride's and groom's attire that confuses people the most, but also the furnishings to be done. Especially in India, weddings represent the status of a family. The class of a family is defined from the wedding furnishings used too. You will have to revamp the whole house to give a makeover to the home and prepare it for the wedding.

The wedding fever starts only when the bride's and groom's house is well set for the functions. Zamorin Decor offers the best home furnishings that can change the overall look of your home at the most affordable prices. You can also choose Zamorin Decor for your complete wedding furnishing needs. It has a wide range of collections that can fit every pocket and every function in the family. Zamorin Decor is thus pocket friendly and adds colours to your dream wedding destination. If you are a wedding planner and wants to order furnishings in bulk with respect to a theme, Zamorin Decor has an expert dedicated team lead by the leading interior designer and owner of the firm, Hasheena Das. Matching those curtains with the bedroom decor and wedding theme is no more a hassle as Zamorin Decor does it all with ease and peace for you. In association with Architect Brijesh and his team at B’s Atelier, Zamorin Decor undertake the designing and remodelling of Brides & Grooms bedroom as per your dream using the merchandise from the Zamorin Decor. Zamorin Decor has it's celebrity alliance too with popular Malayalam actors and other celebrities. Malayalam actor Jins Bhaskar is the brand ambassador of Zamorin Decor.

When your talent and passion meets at a vanishing point, the most incredible dream is accomplished and that is Zamorin Decor for the Managing partner Hasheena Das and her brilliant team. She is the creative and innovative brain and heart behind this fabulous interiors and furnishing unit. Hasheena Das did her research in authentic royal cotton decors and strong-willed to create a new brand in the industry and named it “Zamorin Decor” in association with Suneethi T and Vipindas Poovathur who had similar vision and interest in the Indian decor industry. If you want to amaze your partner on the first night with a variety of bedroom furnishings, Zamorin Decor will be your partner in creating those memories. The collection is the hottest and most modern in the industry and you can add your flavour to it too.

For all your home furnishing needs, the first and foremost choice will be Zamorin Decor, once you become a happy customer. With four permanent staff completely dedicated to assist you at the store, Zamorin Decor has an alliance with about 12 vendors in the industry with such a short span. The wide range of Zamorin Decor collection in the store includes Bed Sheet Retailers, Bath Towel Dealers, Furnishing Fabric Retailers, Furnishing Retailers, Hand Towel Retailers, Home Furnishing Retailers, Hotel Bed Sheet Retailers and Table Mat Dealers. Zamorin Decor will be a one stop destination for your entire cotton home furnishing needs. To know more about Zamorin Decor, you can take a look at their website: or visit their retail store at Zamorin Decor, Club Junction, Edappally, Kochi - 682024, Kerala, India. You will be amazed with the variety and quality of fabric and you will never regret the decision to choose Zamorin Decor. Next time you want to shop for your home, Zamorin Decor is the best option.

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