About Us

About Us

Wedding Street - Where Dream Weddings Made Easy is a group of innovative Wedding Planners who think differently to make every wedding unique. Wedding industry is booming with Concept weddings, Destination weddings ,Theme weddings and Big weddings.Every one wish to make their dream wedding a unique one. Wedding is the only occasion in India where every person spend more than what he can afford. In new generation wedding the parents have fewer roles due to the influence of Mobile Apps,Social media and internet. The bride and groom are normally the decision makers and they mostly search on the net and set everything themselves. Realising the fact Wedding Street conceived in 2012 as a premium wedding portal with the following features.


  • Innovative wedding concepts & planning.
  • Best wedding deals, offers & packages
  • Perfect & suitable match making options
  • Best online wedding accessory & gift shop
  • Exotic honeymoon destinations & packages


  • Beauty Doctor
  • Wedding Designer
  • Fashion Consultant
  • Ornament Designer
  • Wedding Counsellor
  • Online wedding daily
  • Online Wedding Channel
  • Bridal finishing workshops
  • Awesome wedding themes
  • Great Indian Wedding Rituals
  • Wedding Daily with Latest Update
  • Sensational & Viral Wedding Tales
  • Sensational Online Wedding Channel
  • Largest Number Of Vendor Association

Team Wedding Street started the journey with the launch of the famous lifestyle program "Sensations" aired on Surya TV in 2002 which went on for over 500 episodes and ran 10 years continuously. The vast experience in the Media and Lifestyle plus the long research in the highly spent wedding industry helped the team to conceptualise the innovative platform Wedding Street to create another Sensation in Wedding.