Family is delicate. You have to handle it with finesse.

Finesse is a series of workshops that will help you in planning, grooming and conforming for a marriage. This will also cover various family-friendly topics like relationship strengthening, homemaking and parenting. These workshops, organised in exquisite venues, will entertain select individuals with engaging talks and activities. Our team of resource persons, who have been in this medley for a long time, will coach you on the to-dos and not to-dos of marriage.

Pre Marriage Course

Prior To Enter Wedlock…

Wedding is full of excitements and happiness!
If you want to make this joyfulness lifelong, awareness about a family life is essential.
Here starts the relevance of a Pre-marital course.
It is an investment for the couple to strengthen their bond beyond the Wedding day.
It will help you to build a strong foundation for the future life.

Check the pre-marriage course schedule 2019 at the different dioceses


Matters to notice regarding the course schedule:

1. Time schedule of classes in each diocese is different, so you need to make sure about the details from the Family Apostolate division of your diocese.

2. Even though you got the time details, the classes are arranged under selected centers of each diocese. Please note that there is a special arrangement for the pair pre-marital course.

3. Due to certain limitations, reservation process is arranged in the diocese like; Changanassery, Ernakulam, Trissur, Thalassery, Pala. It is relevant to book prior to the course date.

4. Except Malabar region, all other diocese are strictly instructed about the attendance of parents in the concerned session of the course. In the case of couples who attend the course in other diocese, it is fine that the parents can attend the class in their own diocese.

5. Registration fees and other details are different in each diocese. You need to aware about the details from the concerned center.

Finesse Modules

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