Just For Your Budget-Friendly Wedding!

Feb 12 2019     By Elna Philamin

Budget-Friendly Wedding!



Celebrate your Wedding within your budget line! 
Here are some tips that you could cut down the cost of your Wedding without diminishing your wow moments.  

1. Limit Your Guest List


It is your wish that you need to throw everyone you know on your Wedding day. If you are planning for a budget-friendly Wedding, that isn't a brave idea to put it into consideration. You might be tempted to call more guest but for each additional guest, you are adding additional expense to your planned Wedding. Try to invite a minimal guest who you think they are close to your family. Moreover, it should be an intimate affair. 

2. Ceremony at home/outdoor


If you have enough front area space at your house, why don't you choose it as your Wedding venue? Instead of spending a heavy amount for a Wedding hall, you can arrange a classy stage décor in your own home. 
You can also plan outdoor Wedding functions in a park/garden with a beautiful view. It will create a picturesque & memorable Wedding feel while eliminating the cost of rental Wedding venue.

3. Do the catering Yourself


Traditionally our parents & grandparents used to prepare the dishes for their Wedding in the house itself. It is a good system to avoid catering expense. More than that, you can serve good quantity and quality dishes to your guests at a limited expense.

4. Rental Wedding Outfits


One of the biggest expenses of a Wedding is associated with the costumes of the bride & groom. Designer outfits of the bride and the Tuxedos of the groom are generally for one time use. If you are not comfortable to use your Wedding outfits beyond your D-Day, try rentals. It will help you to save much money in your Wedding expenses. 

5. Avoid Serving Alcohol  


Alcohol plays a vital role in universal Wedding events. Alcohol is one of the major expenses of a Wedding. Try to serve Wine/beer if it is needed. 

Don't get worried about your Wedding preparations! Check out the Wedding planning Checklist & go ahead...

After all, plan. plan & plan!

For every fairytale Wedding, there will be a perfect storyboard. Prior to arranging the things for your D-Day, you should have proper planning about your function.  

If you want to organise your Wedding with ease, get the help of an Event Management/Wedding Planner. They will help you to manage your Wedding without an error. 


Keep in touch with "Wedding Street"; "Kerala's First Wedding Portal".


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