Checklist For Your Dream Wedding!

Feb 9 2019     By Elna Philamin

Checklist For Your D-Day!

Let Yours Be a Zero Error Wedding…



Celebrate Your big day with full of fun and excitements!

It is one of the most precious days in one's life. Something to treasure till the end of life. If you want to make your Wedding a memorable day, you need to plan your Wedding in a proper way.

We love to see fairytale Weddings!

They do not just happen, a perfect Wedding planning did the job. Give a magical touch to your dream wedding with crisp and clear arrangements.

Here are some ideas to start your Wedding preparations:


1. Your Wedding Venue



Think about your D-Day venue first!

Book the Wedding venue that vibes with you. It is relevant to book it in advance to avoid the venue shortage. Try to book at least 2 to 3 months prior to your D-Day. If you want to plan your big day in a fantasy destination, it is better to connect with a trustworthy event planner/wedding planner. It is because they will help you with an end to end service. For such a destination wedding you need to visit the site prior to deciding the resort and other facilities to avoid confusions.


2. Categorize your Celebrations


Plan your Wedding festivities!

Categories the events like pre-wedding-bash parties, cocktail events, DJ nights and other religious ceremonies to get a clarification in arrangements.


3. Guest list


Classify your guest list into two; must call/like to call lists. Prepare a rough copy of your friends and family members. Based on your maximum guest list, pick out your relevant guest list. Be careful that you need to stop inviting your guest at least 1 to 2 week prior to your D-Day.


4. Budget line


Keep a clear vision about your Wedding budget!

Try to maintain your arrangements within your budget line. Here plays the importance of an event manager/wedding planner. They will keep arranging the whole wedding preparations within your budget. At the same time, you can sit back in your easy chair and enjoy the Wedding with full of happiness. In detail, event planners will do the work for you.


5. Wedding Arrangements



Meet your soul mate florist, band, designer, makeup artist, hair stylist, and photographer as soon as possible. Define your dream with them; so that they can arrange the things well in advance with your dream concept. Here, you can customize the things as you wish.


6. Catering


Choose your trustworthy caterers as soon as possible. Book them in advance to block the date. Select your favorite dish menu including desserts. Make sure that you are impressed with the food service of the preferred caterers.


Too much to plan?...


Don't worry! Your tensions can be easily resolved by a premium event planner/wedding planner. Just trust them; balance they will prove.

Let yours be a hassle-free Wedding!

Be in touch with "Wedding Street"; where Dream Weddings Made Easy!


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