Essential Tips To Recycle Your Wedding Gown!

Jan 21 2019     By Elna Philamin

Recycle Your Wedding Gown!
Beyond Your D-Day…



Purchase of the Wedding gown is one the most prominent tasks of a bride! 
It will be an expensive one for sure! 
The selection of dress can be an experience… In this scenario, brides are more likely to approach designer boutiques as they want to make the gown a unique piece! 
Once the Wedding is over what is the use of your expensive bridal gown? Many of the brides will keep it on their shelf for no use. 
As you spent a hefty amount on your bridal gown be a brave girl to utilize your lovely gown right?. So, do something creative!
Are you ready to explore a trendy outfit from your Wedding gown? If your answer is a big "YES", the following content can help you to remake your precious bridal gown!


Restyle it!

Think creative and feel the difference…

1. Dye the dress


Change the colour of your white bridal gown with the help of a costume designer. Dye the dress with blue, green or any other pastel shades as your wish. Once you change the colour itself you can see the difference. The whole look of your bridal gown will change into a unique piece. If you are not comfortable in wearing this lengthy gown, alter it.

2. Alter the shape


Remake your bridal gown into a party wear lehenga, crop top-long skirt, salwar or any other trendy outfits. It's time to alter it! Define your wish to a trusted fashion designer… Once you dye and alter your bridal gown there is a choice for re-design and changing detailed stone or other beaded works.

3. Re-design


There are some bridal gowns that are heavy designed ones; something like lacework, stone designs and so on. In such cases, you can remove a few designs with the help of your designer and re-design as your wish. 
Use the tips and feel the difference!

Meet Your Bridal Costume Designer with Wedding Street.

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